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Take you to learn about bee pollen

Take you to learn about bee pollen

Source of bee pollen Pollen is the male cell of plants and is their “sperm”.Bees collect pollen back to their nests, called bee pollen.Bee pollen contains a small amount of nectar and secretions added by bees during collection, in addition to ordinary pollen, so bee pollen is slightly different from ordinary pollen in composition.The outer
How to identify the best honey

How to identify the best honey?

What is the best honey like? How to identify the best honey? Honey is a favorite food of many people. The quality of honey on the market varies. Many consumers don’t know how to choose. What should the best honey look like? The first-class honey is fully brewed by bees. The first feature is that
Can you drink honey water everyday?

Can you drink honey water everyday?

Honey contains vitamins, amino acids, active enzymes, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and other 180 kinds of nutrients needed by the human body. Many people have the habit of a cup of honey water every day, but can honey water be drunk every day?Can you drink honey water everyday? The nature of honey is relatively mild,
Can we really only eat honey for three meals
Can we really only eat honey for three meals? And keep yourself young forever? To answer this question, firstly, we need to know the main nutrients in honey. Honey is simply a sweet substance that bees brew and store in their honeycombs by collecting nectar from the nectar glands of the flowers of the plant where honey is

Why drink Vitex honey?

Vitex nectar is one of the four famous honeys in China. It is a kind of honey that is carefully brewed by bees from the nectar of Vitex nectar. It is the finest honey and is a very popular health and nourishing product. As a tonic, it is necessary for us to understand the effects
Beekeeping Journey
The first stop-Qingjian County Bee Farm Our first stop came to the bee farm in Qingjian County, Yulin City. It is very close to the Yellow River, and the bee farm is near a tributary of the Yellow River. The bee farm is on the mountain, where there are many jujube trees, which can facilitate

5 Best Bee Products

Honey bees may provide livelihood or a source of income for many beekeepers all over the world. This could happen through the pollination service provided by the bees , or directly through the bee products.   Bee products may be used as food for humans, feed for animals, cosmetics, medicines used in conventional medicine (mainly
How much do you know about royal jelly?
What is royal jelly? Royal jelly is milky white-yellowish produced by worker honeybees, creamy liquid with a strong taste and light sweetness tastes a bit sour. Royal jelly is called liquid gold because of its rich nutrition (protein and B vitamins) and it is a thick liquid at room temperature. The nutrients and benefits contained
Yang Erlin and Cao Wei of Northwestern University’s School of Food Science and engineering and Zhao Haoan of Northwestern University’s School of chemical engineering studied jujube nectar from four regions: Jianxian, Fugu, Dali County and Weinan, the physical and chemical indexes and the content of phenolic compounds were determined, the antioxidant activity in vitro, protective
Delee Honey's trip to release bees

Delee Honey’s Chinese Bee Journey

There are more than 200 cooperative bee farms in Delee Honey. These beekeepers travel to various nectar sources, chasing flowers for nectar. There are mainly four traditional bee release routes. China has a vast territory, rich in nectar plants, varied topography and climate, different periods of the year around the nectar plants flowering different. In
Happy New Year, holiday notice

Happy New Year, Holiday Notice

Dear Friends, The Spring Festival is coming. In order to celebrate the traditional festivals of the Chinese nation, let all employees spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival and reunite with their families. We have decided that the Spring Festival holiday arrangement of our company is as follows: The Spring Festival holiday time starts on
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7 kinds of best honey made in China

According to statistics, 29.6% of the world’s honey is made in China. So if you are engaged in the honey trade, then you must spend time researching Chinese honey knowledge. Why Buy Honey from China? If you are looking for honey manufacturers from China, then this blog must not be missed. According to statistics, China’s natural honey production is
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