Food Additive Organic Bee Honey Powder From Pure Honey

Honey powder, also known as solid honey. It contains no artificial additives and has the flavor characteristics of honey. It is used as a sweetener or flavoring agent in powder form.



Product Details

Food Additive Organic Bee Honey Powder From Pure Honey

Honey powder is made by a roller drying method with low water content and excellent flavor.

Honey powder contains no artificial additives and provides the flavor characteristics of honey, but without the liquid.

A process of co-crystallization with refinery syrup produces this free-flowing tasty powder. The moisture content has been reduced

to 3~5%, resulting in an easy to handle product with an excellent shelf-life.

Honey powder, like liquid honey, can be used as a sweetener or flavoring. In powder form, the consistency is much easier to maintain,

making it perfect for dry rubs and cake, cookie, or bread mixes. Great sprinkled over hot and cold cereals, ice cream and seeds and nuts

before roasting. Additionally, honey powder is great for both hot and cold drinks like coffee and tea, lemonade, and fruit drinks.


Health Benefits Of Honey Powder 

1. Skincare, Anti-Aging, Freckles and whitening.

2. Aid in weight loss.

3. Reduces symptoms of constipation and cramping.

4. Preventing and treating infections throughout the body.

5. Clearing away heat and detoxification.

6. Invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation, moistening dryness, and laxative.


Product Specifications

Model Number: DL-Honey Powder

Moisture: ≤5%

Sucrose: max 5%

Diastase: min 8.3

HMF: max 20

Reducing sugar: min 60%

Ash: max 0.5%


If you need to customize the parameters, please contact us for more details.


Standard Packaging

Small packing: 

Plastic bottle: 100g-3kg.

Glass bottle: 30g-3kg.


Bulk packing: 

Tinplate: 9kg.


As a professional honey factory and wholesaler, Delee Honey has 20 years of experience in OEM and ODM,

providing a large number of packaging and professional free design. If you need to customize it, please contact us.


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Application Of Honey Powder

1. For bakery products.

2. Used in moon cakes and bread.

3. Used in dairy products and cold drink products.

4. Used in ice cream.

5. Application in meat products.

6. Suitable for baby food, external skincare products, health foods, condiments, dry mixes, soy sauce, beverages, etc.

7. Used as a sweetener or flavoring.


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Why Choose Us

1. Professional manufacturer and exporter.

2. Standardized operation process and quality management system.

3. OEM and ODM.

4. Small MOQ.

5. Close to the port, fast delivery.

6. Quality, Creditability, and Service.


As a professional wholesaler, DELEE Honey has 20 years of experience in OEM and ODM, providing a large number

of packaging and professional free design. If you need to customize it, please contact us.

We have more than 200 bee farms.  »» More bee farm information.


We advocate “Quality, Creditability, and Service”. From raw material to production, Delee strictly complies with the

standardized operation process /and quality management system. Certified by HALAL, KOSHER, QS, ORGANIC,

ISO, and HACCP, Delee honey and bees products are popular in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, etc.


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Our Service

1. Samples are free.

2. Welcome OEM and ODM.

3. Small quantity for trial order.

4. Shipping and logistic service are free.

5. Free charge of labels and cartons design.

6. Professional technical support with free charge.

7. Strictly quality control and have a production tracking program.


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Q1. Are you a factory or trade company?

A: We are a bee farm and factory in China for more than 20 years.

If you are interested in our factory, welcome to visit here.


Q2. How was your supply ability?

A: Honey: 50MT/DAY.


Q3. Where is your main market?

A: Honey is popular in The Middle East, Asia, and Europe, etc.


Q4. How can you ensure quality?

A: We have our own technical team and lab for inspection.

The production is strictly in accordance with the quality management system operation.


Q5. Which kind of after-sales service we can get?

A: Timely and professional reply, the product has traceability and we can provide technical support for free.


Q6. Do you have your own brand and can you supply OEM service?

A: We have our own brand and can provide OEM services.


If you have any interest or question about any kind of natural bee honey, please kindly send me an inquiry.




Additional information

Product Type: 

Natural Honey Powder




White or Light Yellow

Shipping Port:

Any Chinese Port etc.


1 Kilogram/Kilograms

Place of Origin:

Anhui, China.

Delivery time:

7-15 working days.

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